Thursday, June 17, 2010


Is A Fuzzy Line A Good Thing?

Much has been made of the recent poll results that show:
But one in three members of the nation's largest Presbyterian denomination seem to believe there's some wiggle room for non-Christians to get into heaven, according to a recent poll.
I've seen posts telling us we were apostate, and even other kinder things. Just a few thoughts here.

One, none of what I have read on this discusses sampling technique for the poll. I bet I could get similar results in most denominations. This would be far more interesting om a congregational basis - and it would also provide better comparisons to other churches with looser or no affiliations. The fact is the PC(USA) is riven on a number of issues,, and I am betting you could use this survey to find the line on a whole host of them.

Secondly, I thought the whole point was to bring the unbeliever into the church. This tells me we are getting that job done. The question is, would the same individual give the same answer after a period of time living amongst us? If so, then we are indeed failing, if; however, they come in and are evangelized, well, then....

Finally, there is no way to tell the difference in this polling between a theological statement and an expression of humility. To the best of my knowledge and understanding Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, but my knowledge and understanding have limits. I would not presume to argue with God should He elect to let someone into heaven that believed differently. As much as I believe that Christ is the Way The Truth and The Life, I also believe that God can do whatever He decides to do, and I am certain He is not going to always do what I think He should.

Now, I am a decidedly conservative in the PC(USA), but the paragraph above implies that I think God could, if HE chooses, save someone apart from Christ. Out of humility, I cannot rule that possibility out. I have never received the survey, but it s multiple choice thing, not an essay. To declare with absolute, true false certainty that Christ is the ONLY way to salvation is to deny God's sovereignty - not to mention my limitations.

If that makes me apostate, not much I can do about it.

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