Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Leadership as Identity

Ron Edmundson talks about letting go of control:
Leaders, if you believe in the concept of teamwork…sometimes you have to let go and let others take the lead.

What do you need to let go of and quit trying to control?

I know…I know…it’s hard to do.
I think Edmundson has put his finger on one of the big issues facing the church today, but I wonder why?

The answer is I think people wish to self-identify as "leaders." But let's ask ourselves, who was our leader? Jesus, right? How did He lead? He went to the cross - he completely let go of His identity (God) and died.

Now here is where it get really interesting. By His very nature, we know He could lead best and right. He could not help Himself - he was after all - perfect. But He chose to ascend and leave leadership in the hands of a bunch of guys that abandoned Him at His lowest and pretty consistently got stuff wrong.

On paper like that I think most of us are willing to let others lead, so why do we not do it? Because we are more worried about being leaders than actually leading. That's our insecurity talking.

But we have nothing to be insecure about to begin with - we couldn't do as little as we do now on our own - think about it.

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