Friday, June 11, 2010


Making God Real

Michael Spencer, as his cancer slowly took his life, wrote:
We need to remember that each day dying people are waiting for the word of death and RESURRECTION.

The are a lot of different kinds of Good News, but there is little good news in “My argument scored more points than you argument.” But the news that “Christ is risen!” really is Good News for one kind of person: The person who is dying.

If Christianity is not a dying word to dying men, it is not the message of the Bible that gives hope now.
Those are intense words when you consider the situation - intense indeed. God is real and Christianity matters - not in a "That's a great idea!" sense, but in the sense that it changes how we, individually live and how we individually die.

If we do not spread that gospel, it;s because we do not hold that gospel, so we have to start with ourselves. If you were in Micheal's shoes would you have the joy of Christ's resurrection, or would you be asking "Why me?"

We need to find ways, short of our impending death to experience the reality of the gospel. And I don;t think it needs to be the outstandlingly miraculous as our Pentecostal siblings would have us believe. There are thousands of miracles in our lives everyday if we are but open to them.

But not only do we need to see them as miracles - we need to thank God for them for He alone is their origination and source.

So many times we let our thoughts of these things get in the way of the reality of them. We need to stop thinking about being a Christian and just be one.

And praise God for Michale's ministry in his final days.

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