Friday, June 04, 2010


Related Questions

On the same day, back in February two bloggers whose work I read regularly asked some questions. Rev Bill, quoting another asked:
#1 – Why is the church so content with being normal when God has promised the supernatural?
#2 – Why are some in the church obsessed with obtaining information but have no desire to live out the transformation that Jesus brings?
#3 – Why do some in the church excuse non excellent standards by saying phrases such as, “well, after all…it’s just church?” Our standards of doing things should not be lower than the worlds…they should be higher; after all, what the church does matters!
#4 – Why do we claim to follow a God who changes things…and yet often times we refuse to change things?
#5 – Why do we set our expectations on the lives that Jesus wants us to live so low when Scripture sets them so high?
#6 – Why does the church always try to control people when Jesus died so that we could be unleashed?
#7 – Why is it that so many church leaders would rather lead through imitation (becoming just like someone else) rather than revelation (listening to God and then doing what He says?)
Mark Daniels engaged in a little naval gazing and asked:
* How much do you really believe, Mark?
* How committed are you to living for Christ alone?
* Can others see that, imperfect though you freely confess to being, you believe?
* Are the fruits of connection to Christ visible in your daily life and decisions?
* Are you serving Christ and others as well as speaking of a faith that calls and frees you to do those things?
Coincidence? I think not.

We live in a nation full of Christian believers, a majority in fact. And yet the nation slips ever farther away away from the Christian ideal, and I am not talking about "political" stuff like abortion or gay marriage, I am talking about fornication, shacking up, lying, petty theft, personal stuff - gossip - Lord we have an entire industry built on gossip and we consume it in massive quantities. Stuff that can only change one person at a time.

When two men of God ask essentially the same questions on the same day, I think the Holy Spirit is speaking.

So, are you changing based on your faith? Are you helping one person around you change?

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