Thursday, June 24, 2010


Talk About A Loaded Question!

Desiring God reprints Col. 1:15-20 and asks:
...the most important paragraph in the Bible for a Christian worldview?
I see the point David Mathis is driving at here, but to be honest, some durn fool is going to read that and think it is the only paragraph in the Bible about a "Christian worldview," then they'll write a book about it, there'll be conferences and seminars and all the sudden all our attempts to improve things will just turn them rotten in a different place than they were rotten before.

In the end, a Christian worldview is the worldview held by a Christian. I doubt it will ever be monolithically described because Christians are too diverse and there are things we will always disagree about. And frankly I am beginning to think that efforts to settle those disagreements do more harm than good. As sinners we tend to inflate those arguments past the point of reason and things get ugly and then Christianity looks ugly.

We need to learn how to build better people before we figure out how to codify a worldview. Because only if we are better people will we ever be able to have such discussion reasonably and in a way that reflects well on us.

Col 1:15-20 is a powerful passage, but what I would like to do is figure out how I too can be a visible image in all aspects of my life, not just how or what I think, but how I live and argue.

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