Thursday, June 03, 2010


What?! Liturgy Helps?

I love this post from Godspace because it is so - liturgical. Imagine gaining personal closeness to God through a liturgical practice. -- Who Knew?

OK - enough sarcasm. Set me to wondering why people object to liturgy so strenuously. Not the arguments about archaic language, or relevancy - that can all be fixed within a liturgical framework, it does not require discarding liturgy, nor does that explain the stridency with which people object.

Well, I cannot speak for everyone on this, but I can speak for why I, at one point in my life, had a problem with it. I did not like being led. It's as simple as that - it was a control issue. I wanted to think about God when I wanted to think about God and how I wanted to think about God.

Also made me wonder if the real value of liturgical practice in worship is not the contents of the liturgy itself, but the sacrifice involved in the practice.

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