Saturday, July 03, 2010


Comic Art

We've been looking at villains that are more or less carbon copies between publishers, but what about when it happens between heroes of the same publisher? The roster of Flash's "Rogues Gallery" of baddies look somebody read all the other more popular DC titles and just renamed the baddies.

Such certainly seemed to be the case back in the '60's when I encountered "The Trickster." Even at the tender age I was then - "Cheap Joker rip-off" ran through my mind almost instantly. Of course, the Joker was considerably less diabolical and malevolent than he is now in that day and age. The Comics Code Authority at work.

Like most comic characters, The Trickster has died and is now "resurrected" (someone else has adopted the identity)and the character has improved greatly over the years, but in my mind he has a hard time slipping the vague reference to another character mindset.

Interesting, in the short lived Flash live-action TV show, the Trickster was portrayed by Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame. The same Hamill that then went on to voice the Joker in Batman cartoons. There is no coincidence there. The cackle he developed during TV show easily morphed into the Joker's diabolical laughter. YEs, the connection is more than skin deep.

Now, if we can just do something about the excuse for a costume.

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