Wednesday, July 07, 2010


How To Kill A Church

Ron Edmondson lists five reasons why church leaders tend to micromanage:

There are two things that Ron does not discuss in this that I think are vitally important.

The first is that nothing - and I mean nothing kills discipleship faster than micromanagement. If the idea is to build better disciples, and I think that is pretty much the aim of all we do in church, but we do it for them - they are not going to grow up. Parents know that about kids, but it seems like church leaders just cannot figure it out about other Christians.

The other is that if things like "insecurity" and "control freak" are your reasons for micromanaging, then you may want to deeply examine your motives for being in ministry at all. Chances are very good you got into ministry not from some sense of calling, but in an effort to overcome your insecurities or becasue you like to "be in charge."

Neither of these points help the church be the church - and that, after all, is why we are here.

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