Thursday, July 01, 2010


"Live Repentantly..."

Mark Daniels in sermon on tragedy says:
The person living repentantly is taking baby steps toward Christ and even though we may sometimes fall or fail, as long as we keep walking toward our Savior, the cheers coming from God’s throne are so loud that if we were privileged to hear them, we’d have to cover our ears!

If I knew the date of my death, I hope that I would be walking repentantly, moving toward Jesus.
I love the phrase "living repentantly." To often we think of repentance as a single act - "I'm sorry" and we're done. But genuine repentance implies genuine effort not to do it again. repentance is not an apology for a misunderstanding - it is a repudiation of one's own actions.

Repentance starts at confessional prayer, but it does not end there - it must be lived.

Sometime in my youth I discovered the secret of "I'm sorry." I think of small children, learning tat an apology "erases" a bad act - hitting their younger sibling - saying "I'm sorry" - and repeating the process until an adult steps in. Some have probably actually seen this. I am sure all can imagine the tongue lashing the older sibling will receive, "'I'm sorry' is meaningless if you keep doing it."

So, do you live repentantly, or just confess a lot?

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