Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Making Scripture Trite

Beliefnet published list of Bible verse in which to:
Anyone can face moments of loneliness--times when you long for companionship or when you want to be seen, to be known and to be loved. Whether you're married or single, surrounded by friends and family, or by yourself, these moments can lead to sadness and fear. But the Bible reminds readers that God knows us, loves us and that God hears our cries. Finally, they remind us that God is always with us.

Use this collection of Bible verses to ease feelings of loneliness.
[emphasis added]
It's a slide show and it sort of gave me the shivers. Somehow, I just do not think of scripture as being that utilitarian - nor do I find words, even scriptural words, that comforting in times of genuine emotional distress, loneliness or otherwise.

I have most certainly felt intensely lonely in my life. I have also found that the answer usually lies in getting up and going to be with someone. Sometimes, that's hard, I know - but then that is what the church is supposed to be for. When we are lonely and we seek God's face in words, we fail to realize that God is in our fellow Christians - we enhance our isolation rather than get out of it.

Secondly, this approach is just proof-texting at its very worst - its reducing Christianity to something I plug in when I have a felt need as opposed to something that consumes and transforms me.

Like everyone - I went through a stage like this, where I combed the Bible to find verse to help me with situation X, but more and more I find that more distraction than help. Because it is not servant lie, it stand in the way, I think, of genuine communion with the Holy Spirit - the ultimate answer to loneliness.

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