Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Seems To Me Jesus Hung Out With The Uncool

Ok, the "Hat Tip" chain on this one is a mile long - I got it from Milt Stanley, you can follow the trail. The origin is Bill Streger:
It seems as the unique vision that God’s given so many church planters is almost identical. Phrases like “gospel-centered”, “missional”, and “cultural renewal” are littered throughout their proposals. It seems that the phrase “In the City. For the City.” or some variation of such has become church planting boilerplate.


Seriously, this is literally the only group I see proposals for. I have yet to assess a church planter who wants to move to a declining, smaller city and reach out to blue collar factory workers, mechanics, or construction crews. Not one with an evangelistic strategy to go after the 50-something administrative assistant who’s been working at the same low-paying insurance firm for three decades now.
I could go on about this for hours. "Cool" is definitely an issue here. A lack of creativity is another. "The path of least resistance" yet another. And then there is, of course, "comfort zone."

But in the end, may I suggest you "follow the money."

'Nuff Said.

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