Thursday, July 29, 2010


Signs, Signs, Every Are Signs

Atmospheric video:

Milt Stanley links to a post about "signs":
For one, we learn that much seeking of guidance is in fact seeking God’s rubber stamp for our own desires. I was not looking for guidance, I was looking for a “Yes.”
How often do we approach faith generally looking for affirmations instead of transformation? How often do we wonder what we can get out of God instead of what God can do to us?

It's so ironic - how little understanding we have. If we would only drop the agenda and let God give us what He has for us instead of try to box Him in to what we want - we would get so much more. We know so little of our heart's desire.

Part of confession, I think, is letting go of desire. Our desires, like everything else, are a little mixed up - God will replace them with desires for things so much better.

The only sign we should pay attention to is the empty cross and tomb.

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