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Mark Roberts at The Higher Calling:
Though we should make every effort to have right theology, and though we should live our lives each day as disciples of Jesus, in the end, our relationship with him comes down to simple trust. "Jesus, remember me," we cry, not unlike the desperate criminal on the cross next to Jesus. And Jesus, both communicating and embodying the mercy of God, says to us, "You will be with me in paradise." We are welcome there not because we have figured out all of the answers, and not because we are living rightly, but because God is merciful and we have put our trust in Jesus, the Savior.
Those may be some of the truest words ever written. It makes me think about the state of Christian blogging.

Blogging is an essentially intellectual activity, hence we talk a lot of theology, a lot of apologetics, a lot of philosophy and a lot of politics. But we seem to find it hard to communicate that essential truth that Mark Roberts so readily put his finger on.

For one, the communication of a state like trust is hard to do in non-fiction prose, certainly in the essay. It must be modeled either in the life of the writer or in a story the writer shares from another or makes up.

I know I'd like to hear more stories of faith and trust than discussion of the latest semantic twist on Calvinism v Arminianism. I know - "Facebook" - but Facebook is too short. Intimate stories require more words than Facebook works for - blogging remains a good venue for this.

But then maybe that word "intimate" is the real problem.

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