Thursday, July 15, 2010


Visions of Heaven

Todd at MMI recently wrote:
How many of the people at your church just think heaven WILL look like your Sunday morning?

I know, I know... we can't even imagine what heaven will be like. But don't most of us, at least on the surface, think it will be just like what we want it to be?

People who love traditional worship dream of a great organ (maybe with golden pipes or something). They think heaven will be a Lawrence Welk type worship extravaganza.

People who love contemporary worship dream of the ultimate worship band and experience. Like maybe all the Rolling Stones will get saved on their deathbed and be the headliners or something.
That set me to thinking. I want church, not just worship, but church, to look like heaven.

And yet, I mourn every time I go how far removed from heaven we are. I long ago gave up images of heaven because it seems to me I have no basis for the vision.

Church is not heaven, but it should give us a glimpse. Sadly, I don;t typically see it.

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