Wednesday, September 15, 2010


And God Created...

...oil! John Stossel:
"The problem is very simple," Bryce said. "It's not political will. It's simple physics. Gasoline has 80 times the energy density of the best lithium ion batteries. There's no conspiracy here of big oil or big auto. It's a conspiracy of physics."
And who made a world that operates in accordance with the principles of physics? Why God, of course! Yep, our God - the God that became man and sacrificed Himself for our sake - that God, Creator, Sustainer, etc. Same God that made us as a matter of fact. Not only did He make us, but He made us capable of figuring out the energy content of oil and how to use it.

One of the biggest arguments I have with young earth creationist types is that I refuse to believe God would create a planet with dinosaur bones buried in it. That would indicate a God that was trying, somehow, to mislead us.

Do you honestly think that God would have given us oil and the brains and tools to use it and then expected us not to? Do you think without the fall there would be no industrialization?

I cannot help but think God gave us our intelligence and our natural resources with the idea that we were to use them. Yes, as fallen people we make a lot of mistakes as we do that, but we must apply the same reason and intelligence that allows us to harness God's creation to do so in a just and righteous manner.

Think about that the next time you think we all ought to "get closer to the planet."

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