Thursday, September 09, 2010


Waiting v Lazy

Stuff Christians Like describes it this way:
One of them is “being lazy for the Lord,” a phenomenon you can see expressed in statements like this:

“I’m not going to send out any resumes. I’m just going to pray and trust God to find me a job.”

“I want to be married, but I’m not going to try to meet a spouse or get involved in the singles group at church. I’m going to pray God will bring that person into my life.”

“Our finances are a mess, but I’m not going to take a class in financial responsibility or make amends. I’m going to pray God will rescue us from this pit.”
I think we are all guilty of that at some point in our lives, related to some issue.

Acuff finishes his post with an admonishment based on reading Nehemiah:
He wasn’t lazy for the Lord.

He realized that it’s OK to mix prayer with purpose, acceptance with action, surrender with sweat.

If you’re being lazy for the Lord, my hope is that you’ll remember it’s OK to have your hands full. It’s OK to clasp them in prayer even as you clasp them around a weapon.

Today, grab a hammer and a sword.

Today, quit being lazy for the Lord.
"Purpose;" however, is a key question. I know to many people that have gotten busy without a clear idea what they were supposed to be busy doing, or worse, got busy doing something they thought God intended, but it was really their own desire talking. There is a time to wait and there is a time to act - telling them apart is the hard question.

That is, of course, unless what you are busy at is trying to become a disciple - genuine, transformed, remade. If our primary effort is to align our will with His, then we can have a high level of confidence that the actions we feel prodded towards are in fact the actions that Christ expects of us.

So, I answer the hard question this way - if I can point to things in my life that say my discipleship walk is good (and this is something one can NEVER ascertain on their own) then I will proceed, but if there is a hitch of some sort in that get-along, then I'm gonna wait.

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