Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Who's In Control

Dan Edelen writes that faith is the opposite of control:
You see, faith is the opposite of control. Faith says, “I do not know what tomorrow will hold. I cannot even control today. Instead, I will live by the Spirit. I will live with the uncertainty of the world and instead exercise the muscle of faith that I have let atrophy for too long. Christ is in me; therefore, I have hope.”
This I agree with utterly and completely. I must however take some exception to Dan's depiction of what offers success in our nation. It has been my privilege to know many extremely successful people - from a President of the United States to Nobel prize winners to athletes of many championships to some of the wealthiest people the nation has ever produced. Most of the truly successful I have met fully understand they have met with good fortune - not all will name the Lord, but all have a humility about circumstances that led to their success.

An important thing to remember here, I am not talking about people that have made a big splash and then gone broke, or suffered a failed marriage, or some other tragedy - I am talking about people who have succeeded and not seen those types of disappointments.

There is, I believe a justice in God's world. I'm not sure if God rains tragedy on those who develop success without humility, but I do know that deep abiding success comes only with that humility.

Which brings me back to Dan - see I do not think faith means to choose less than success, nor does it mean to not work hard - these things are not mutually exclusive. Faith means simply to know we are not in control and to rest in the arms of the Almighty. If we do so, I believe He will supply us with the success most suitable for us. It may not be wealth, power or fame - but it will be success.

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