Saturday, October 02, 2010


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I have been writing this series on bad guys for a while now and why this one has not come up yet, is to me shame. In the good old days "Klaw" was the omni present Marvel baddie, and deservedly so. He is, after all, made of "solidified sound." Yeah, I know, it defies every known law of physics - I knew that when I first encountered him as a kid, but it was one of those ideas that I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to make it happen. Nobel prize here I come.

Klaw has fallen into disfavor as a villain. I have no idea why. Oh sure, the idea of solidified sound is preposterous, but then so is the rest of comics. And he had such a classic Kirby look about him. And of course, who knew that when you were turned into sound, you lost your nose, but still, this guy just looks bad.

Klaw has never really challenged the bigs - he got relegated primarily to the Black Panther as a foil and working with teams. I just don't get it. That look needs to be reinvented and he needs to come our strong and solo against Wolverine - or the whole doggone Avengers. Heck, if he is smart enough to solidify sound he should be the mastermind behind a Marvel Universal challenge as he tries to rob power from, oh I don't know - Galactus. This guy is just too good to waste

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