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Back to examining doppleganger villains between publishers here for a bit, we turn our attention the what must be the lamest super-power origin story ever written. We quote Wikipedia on our villain in question:
Roscoe taught himself how to spin around fast enough to deflect bullets and produce other semi-useful effects. The Top soon discovers that the spinning somehow increased his intelligence as well, allowing him to create a variety of trick tops.
Wait, let's forget how utterly lame that is as an origin and focus on the wisdom of printing such a story. I can assure you that as a young man, desiring a superpower more than anything in the world, I tried this (not long after I made m first utility belt) and well let's just say the results were spewed all over the backyard.

Fortunately, I never got to the point where I asked anyone to fire a gun at me to see if I could "deflect bullets."

There is a reason The Top remains one of Flash's lesser known rogues, and I think we have stumbled upon it. Setting aside for a moment the whole idea that forcing one's brain at high pressure against the inside of the cranial cavity in your skull by centripetal force will increase intelligence (so does alcohol I hear)- "trick tops"????? And you thought batarangs were a stupid idea.

But there is a reason for us to spend some time with this lamest of lame villains - he does have a Marvel counterpart considerably more interesting - tune in in two weeks for that one. Not to mention he has a DC heroic counterpart that has grown quite interesting over the years. As an artistic element, the whirlwind (there is a bit of foreshadowing there...) looks pretty doggone good in comics. One of the hardest things about doing Flash comic has to be how to artistically convey motion in a perfectly static medium - and not just any motion, hyper motion. In later years they have resorted to lightening around the Scarlet Speedster, but they did not have that in the days when The Top entered the scene and his tornadic appearance aided them in their artistic efforts.

It's funny how things happen in comics.

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