Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Finding Your "Ministry"

Milt Stanley quotes Bob Spencer:
This is just the kind of nonsense that raises the biggest red flag for me. Church leaders create all these programs and "ministry opportunities" and then try to plug everybody into them, suggesting that if you're not so plugged you must be passive, etc. Can I just mention that being a Mom and Dad might be a more fruitful and important place to minister than any of the church's "ministry opportunities"? Things that won't last, indeed.
That's blunt - and right!

The church exists to build people - good people, people that are demonstrably different than other people doing the same thing. And those people are the church, regardless of institutional affiliation or activity.

The institution exists to serve God and God's people. The people do not exist to serve the institution. The institution is means, the people are the end.

Who do you serve?

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