Thursday, October 07, 2010


It Shows

Mark Roberts:
So it is today. We who follow Jesus are to be his witnesses, telling others what he has done for us. Yet this message will not be persuasive unless it is backed up by evidence of God’s power. If people see God at work in and through us, if they sense his presence in our compassion, our prayers, and our communities of faith, then they will be open to hear what we have to say about Jesus.
What's more, I am not at all sure that we live abundantly without God's power being apparent in our lives.

I really hate the artificial divide that so many of us keep in our lives between the intellectual and the actual. We live in an information age. Even the seemingly uninformed among us know far more than the best educated of our predecessors. And yet, taken as a whole, we are largely the same people we were then. Has knowledge truly changed us? Is this information age really a better age?

Anyone that would answer "yes" must live in an ivory tower somewhere - sin still runs rampant.

But then we have those that seem to seek the power of God without the balance of the intellect - they too end up as sinful as the rest of us - and I am never really sure of the source of the power they exhibit.

There is a balance, an we must deliberately seek it.

After I graduated college and entered the working world, I found myself in a large company and I also found myself head and shoulders above my peers in job performance. My education had permitted me a great deal of lab time. They having gone to larger educational institutions had had their lab time severely controlled and limited. I could step into the lab and get busy - they had to make mistakes and learn form those mistakes = practical lessons I had learned in the lab at school.

We need labs in the church - and too often small groups don't cut it. We have to get out there and make a difference, or fail to make a difference and learn the lesson of failure.

Think about it.

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