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Godspace writes:
Western society thrives on the belief that all problems are solvable and that we personally can find and implement solutions. We want to see instant success that wins us applause and means we can then move on to the next problem that needs to be solved. But our world is not like that, and God is not like that either. Otherwise the time between the Fall and the new creation would have only been a few weeks or maybe the transformation would have happened overnight.
So don’t give up on those seemingly small and insignificant steps that seem like a drop in the ocean. God does notice and God is indeed using them to build a new world of justice, peace and abundance…. but it is God not us who is building.
Why did you become a Christian? I don't think that question is out of bounds given this set-up. Did you become a Christian to fix the world, or to be fixed? If the former, you might want to rethink things.

Here's the thing - if God is doing the building, why do we not "give up" on even the little and insignificant things? At least in the sense that we come to understand that there is not a gosh-darned thing we can do about it - not one. Oh sure, we may do something from time-to-time, but I think we should let go of the "mission" that the little things try to contribute to. What if we changed our focus from trying to fix things, to simply watching God fix things.

What if we waited for orders from God, instead of gave them to Him? What if we focus, exclusively, on Him?

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