Monday, November 15, 2010


How Dare He?

Mark Roberts:
Yet Paul tells the Corinthians, not just to model themselves on Jesus, but also to imitate him as he imitates Christ. When we first read this, it might seem a little arrogant. Why not just say "Be imitators of Christ"? Who does Paul think he is?
His brief answer:
Paul is not just the deliverer of the message, but also the embodiment of the message.
Roberts prayer:
This is a high calling, indeed! It is so much easier, Lord, to tell people what is right than to exemplify it. It is simpler to point to Jesus and let myself off the hook. But I am reminded today that you have called me to live in such a way that people see Jesus. I am to be an example of righteousness to my children, my staff, my friends, and all whom I am called to serve. By your grace, Lord, help me to live so that people might see Christ in me.
Guess what? - you are called to do the same. Are you up to it? Is this your prayer? Would you join in it?

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