Wednesday, November 24, 2010


How NOT To Lead

Ron Edmondson, who always has so many points about something has "7 Dangers of Leading in Isolation" His premise:
Sadly, I see it all the time. This pastor suffered from the same temptation any pastor faces. His number one problem in my opinion: He was leading in isolation. He had no one on the inside of his life who knew him well enough to know when something was wrong and could confront him when necessary.
I've said it, pastors need accountability, but there is something flawed in this set-up -- one cannot "lead in isolation." Leadership, by definition, involves being amongst people.

There is a distinction that has left the church in many way and that is the difference between leadership and management. One can manage an enterprise fairly well in relative isolation. There will be weaknesses to be sure and this is where Edmundson's points come in. But LEAD - never.

Almost anyone with the training can manage an enterprise and make some things happen, But leadership is about convincing people that the enterprise is worthwhile, that their role in the enterprise is important and then motivating them to play that role to the absolute hilt. Leadership is rare - and since it is all about moving people, it cannot happen in isolation.

The church today seems to be running on a model of build it and work with who comes. In the case of evangelical churches, is running through and work with who sticks. That's good management - but it ain't leadership.

A leader would go get people and move them enough to come and then motivate them to stay. And somehow that strikes me more as evangelism than just trying to walk them through the door.


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