Monday, November 29, 2010


The Place of Preaching

A Church for Starving Artists asks:
Does Preaching Make Disciples?
She concludes that it does not and opines:
Our communities are filled with dying churches that relied for too long on the spiritual pithiness of a preacher to save them.
Couldn't agree more. I've been in too many churches with great preaching and nothing else. Also been in churches that functioned well in the absence anything resembling good preaching. But the functioning of the church is only a side issue in some sense, the essential question is does preaching make disciples?

The answer is most assuredly not - disciples make disciples. Becoming a disciple is an apprenticeship, not a lesson. Preaching is a component of that apprenticeship to be sure, but it is not the whole thing. Further, someone that is truly becoming a disciple will find precious metal in dross preaching.

I love watching New Yankee Workshop. So much so that I have taken up the hobby of woodworking myself (see left). All I can tell you is watching in on TV and doing it yourself are two very different things. Norm Abrams has taught me a great deal about how to do stuff, but until I did it none of it had any genuine meaning.

Moreover - I never could do some of the things I saw him do on TV, but a quick trip to the wood working store and a discussion AT THE TABLE SAW with the guys there cleared up the mystery in seconds.

Preaching can reach our minds and our minds can reach our hearts - but only practice, with some help from seasoned veterans, can train our hands. Christ came to reclaim all of us - not just our minds and hearts, but also our hands.

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