Friday, December 10, 2010


All of Me, Why Not Take All Of Me

Godspace looks at a book, the title of which I love - Keith Meyer’s "Whole Life Transformation:Becoming the Change Your Church Needs." Any book with a title like that needs to make it to the top of the to-be-read pile. Why?

Simple, it's what I say all along - leadership, genuine Christian leadership involves first personal transformation that is winsome. We cannot lead where we have not been , and hence we must be transformed to generate transformation. She also quote Meyer:
We cannot put transformation in only one part of a person’s life or activities. Ir must be the heart and interior life force that drives everything in a person’s life. This is what it means when Jesus says that we must lose our present life for a new one.
That's another way of stating something that I think is vitally important - Christianity, genuine faith in Christ is NOT about developing a "doctrine" for everything - it's about being someone that is so attuned to the Lord and His will that when a situation presents itself we will react in a Godly manner.

As I said, this one is going towards teh top of the pile.

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