Tuesday, December 07, 2010


How About When They Do It Wrong?

Scot McKnight writes about:
When Christians Get it Wrong
As he, and the gentleman he is discussion points out, Christians often get it wrong:
Sometimes Christians are plain and simply UnChristian, as in insensitive, critical, judgmental and mean-spirited.


Sometimes Christians get it wrong on science and politics.


Sometimes Christians get it wrong when speaking of other religions: he sketches strong exclusivism, universalism and inclusivism.
Good thoughts all, but the question that is the title of this post ran through my mind almost instantly. I think we need to be more aware of what we do than what we "get."

There is no much that we do "get" that just is not evident on what we do. I personally would like to do well what we do "get" before I worry about the stuff we do not.

I know we are renewed by the "transforming of the mind," but I also know sometimes things work in reverse - and sometimes we just have to have the discipline to persevere when our minds will never be renewed. Bill W says you are always an alcoholic, you can just be a sober one. I know from my personal experience, I will always be a morbidly obese person, but I can chose - today - not to eat too much. In point of fact - it is that knowledge that is most important in dealing with my weight.

We are all sinners, and I think we all need to "get" that. Let's start there.

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