Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"Lost" Causes

Milt Stanley quotes Kent Brandenburg on losing:
"People don’t like to lose. People are fond of saying that they hate losing. They’re winners. They’re people you’d want on your team. However, I’m calling on everyone to give losing a second look. Scripture says that you’ve got to lose in order to win. In other words, if you can’t lose, you’re not going to win. The Bible magnifies losing."
Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemies in Christianity when we try so hard to make a point that we say things like "The Bible magnifies losing." The real heart is this line:
Scripture says that you’ve got to lose in order to win.
It's not even really "losing," its "sacrificing." we are called upon to sacrifice our carnal worldly understanding of what it means to win and replace it with a Godly on. We are called to sacrifice our meager goals for His immense heavenly ones. We are called to be winners on levels that we cannot begin to understand.

Any big winner ins ports has given up a lot. Female gymnasts generally give up their childhood. In my own experience, major college football called for some sacrifices educationally - certainly delays. Enormous sums of money are spent to get for people to achieve greatness in some aspect of life.

Our walk with Christ does indeed call on us to sacrifice greatly, but that is not losing - that's winning on levels we cannot even currently conceive of.

It's the biggest win of all.

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