Thursday, January 13, 2011


[BLANK] Like Me

Todd @ MMI:
I think one of the problems with churches... one of the reasons so many churches are so in-grown is exactly this reason: the look to serve people only like themselves.
One of the many problems I have with so carefully crafting worship styles is the exclusivity that a specific style brings with it. Music is nothing if not defined demographically, so music choice defines a target audience for a given service.

This has existed for centuries to some extent with the classic high and low church debate/discussion - and certainly there have been huge differences in the "black" and "white" churches. But that said, we are making matters worse, not better. Surely there is a place for a worship style that rises above such demographics? That, frankly, is what I always thought was part of the purpose of liturgy - it's not about me and what I like - it's about Christ and what He likes.

Programming church in this way is not just about overlooking people - its saying to at least some people "You are not welcome here."

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