Saturday, January 22, 2011


Comic Art

There is little doubt in my mind that the best "real" villain in American history is Adolph Hitler and the Nazi hordes. In fact, I am not sure the nation has ever felt there was a true evil since. So, you make comic books for a living, you are a WWII vet, oh and probably, Jewish too, do you want the kids of America to forget such horrors? I'm none of those things and I don't. But back to the premise - how do you keep a vision of Nazi horror alive for a new generation?

How about you keep them alive in the form of a "terrorist" organization called HYDRA?

That was certainly what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were trying to do when they came up with this particular massive foil for their stable of heroes to combat. That, of course, has largely been lost into the sands of time as HYDRA now barely resembles itself from when I was a kid. As can be seen in so many recent animated movies, the very idea of "minions," that is to say large groups of people following an evil leader, seems comic - A sign of how incredibly narcissistic an age we live in, as no one can imagine themselves "selling out" in such a fashion.

But then, Captain America ain't what he used to be either.

I apologize for the melancholy mood of this particular post on "silly" comics, but sometimes the society they reflect makes me very sad. Evil is real, even if it does not dress up in ugly green and shout "Hail Hydra!"

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