Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Knowledge Without Wisdom

A Place For The God Hungry writes:
Yet, one wonders if we know what to do with the information. Many of us have much information about any number of things. Don’t know about the Ryder Cup? Just Google it. Don’t know which car to purchase? Just Google the ones that interest you. Need to know about a certain medicine and its side effects? Google it. Yet, do we know what to do with this information? Are we simply collecting bits and pieces of information or can we say that we are also becoming wiser?
I am reminded of the excellent book by my friend Mark DeMoss, "The Little Red Book Of Wisdom." Mark writes from the heart and with great practicality, I highly recommend the book.

And now I wonder - what would the Godblogosphere look like if we tried to fashion it into a medium of wisdom rather than a medium of information?

Not entirely sure, but I know it would be different.

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