Monday, January 03, 2011


Swiping At Religion

Deep in a sulfur cave in southern Mexico, a group of indigenous people have for centuries asked their gods for bountiful rain by stunning the cave's fish with a natural plant toxin. Once the fish have succumbed, the Zoque people scoop them into baskets for eating. Now scientists are finding the ancient religious practice is impacting the fish's evolution.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That this is a set up for a ecological swipe at faith - even a silly faith like this one. Well, consider how the story ends:
The local government has now actually banned the ceremony, because they felt it might pose a danger to the cave fish.
So, is this a case of governmental interference with religion when the religion behaves in an anti-social manner like polygamy, or running their services so loud that the neighborhood cannot sleep? Nope this is banning a religious practice for the sake a a FISH!

You know, sometimes when people talk about Christians staying out of politics, I get upset becasue this is what happens when we do. In a religiously pluralistic society, we cannot get dogmatic, but we do have to stay involved for a few basic principles.

This story represents a very real triumph of the purely materialistic over the spiritual. Science is not de facto materialistic, but it is restricted to the material. When it is considered "truth" and religious concerns are completely invalidated, we have a problem.

This is not a live and let live thing here. This is people having their faith overturned for the sake of a FISH.

Someone pointed out the other day that in this age, heterosexuals are living together without benefit of marriage while homosexuals are fighting to marry. The world is turned completely upside down. Here is another instance.

We have got to get busy.

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