Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What Color Is Your God?

I'll pass on a "green" one.

From the London Telegraph:
First, the good news: Richard Dawkins's campaign to turn Britain's children against organised religion seems to have failed. Unfortunately, it hasn't done so because of the depth of Christian belief in this country, but because kids, by and large, can't be bothered with religion at all.

According to The Faith of Generation Y, a study of 300 people born after 1982 who have been involved in the Church's youth and community projects, hostility towards Christianity has faded into brute indifference. True, only 12 per cent denied the existence of a higher power, while 23 per cent were relatively traditional believers. But by far the most popular answer, collecting approximately 43 per cent of the vote, essentially amounted to "Dunno, really".


For this generation is not, as the report says, "unstoried and memoryless" – it has turned to another story altogether. A couple of years ago, the Government sent every state school in England a copy of Teach Your Granny to Text, and Other Ways to Change the World – the result of an exercise in which more than 4,300 schoolchildren were asked to suggest ways to make the planet a better place. The majority of the published suggestions were about the environment: ask your dad to stop singing in the shower, so he wastes less water; don't waste electricity by leaving the charger connected to your mobile phone.

Greenery, as a secular religion, has come to dominate not just the curriculum, but the imagination.
We need to think deeply and long as we consider the "Christian mandate for environmental stewardship." We have enough troubles with idolatry in the church, typically of the church, to just up and invite what is essentially another religion into the fold.

All problems with human behavior, whether it be towards each other or towards the environment are rooted in sin - fix that and the other stuff will fix itself. The church was built and designed to fix the sin problem - that's its job - everything else is a diversion.

Environmental stewardship is a problem, but in the church its a diversion.

Think about it.

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