Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Being a Team Player

Jollyblogger quotes Mike Horton:
The Puritan was concerned that even his calling served the neighborhood or commonwealth rather than himself. He hardly doted on himself. Even religious activities were not to be done from selfish motives. God has justified him, having punished Christ in his place. Acceptance had been freely given, not achieved. Therefore, even developing one's personal relationship with Christ at the expense of the community was viewed as antisocial and, consequently, anti-Christian behavior.
How much has Christianity become about "what I get out of it?" That's almost all of it.

Jollyblogger says in his introduction to the quotation:
As a committed individualist I approached my Christian life, for most of my Christian life in individualistic terms. I never gave thought to how my pursuit of my own spiritual growth negatively affected others. Now, as a pastor I see myself all too often.
There is in this quote a very special word for pastors - people in ministry generally - I think. How many of you (Us? for I know this was true during my time in ministry) get into it "work out my calling." And yet, in accordance with this quote - such is not the point. i wonder if people who think like this even have a sense of "call"?

My guess is only in the sense that all are called - so just go serve. How many pastoral visits go unmade becasue the pastor is "called" to evangelism. How many ministry opportunities in your face are ignored because it is not "your vision"?

The selflessness that the Christian is to exhibit is extraordinary and none of us has learned - but it should start with our leadership.

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