Thursday, February 03, 2011


Church v Business

Ron Edmondson writes about church size beginning this way:
Prior to entering ministry, my wife and I owned a small business. It was small in the sense of how economists measure businesses, but it was a big business to us. Whenever you have to make payroll for almost 40 people (including yourself)…that seems big. This was my second venture as an entrepreneur. The first was extremely successful, but this one was not. An opportunity came to sell and we quickly accepted. We learned tons of principles from that negative experience that still help us today, but it was a very challenging time for us personally.
Then he goes on to list those principles.

My skin crawled a little as I read it. The driving force in business and the driving force in ministry are entirely different - cross-pollination like this must be done very carefully or one risks losing that driving force.

Be careful.

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