Saturday, February 19, 2011


Comic Art


Simply becasue it is a rule in comics, if the is a Justice League - there must be an Injustice League. Headed by (who else?) Lex Luthor, with his first, in unpredictable, LT - The Joker - this band of baddies comes together from time-to-time just so the Justice League has an excuse to be a league. Although, I have to say the idea makes little sense to me as Luther is capable of standing up to the entire JL on his own - he has from time-to-time. Which raises the question - Shouldn't the IJL be able to kick the JL's butts all over the place? But then, of course, where would be the fun in that?

The nice thing about the Injustice League is that they are not really a standing group. They come, they go as Luthor sees fit and has a plot to utilize them - but then that whole plot thing is always the problem. No one in this collection of egos is never satisfied to play their assigned roles - they all want to grab for the brass ring - they all want to challenge the alpha dog.

But frankly, that is where it gets fun. Watching this bunch chew on each other can get very interesting. They fight over the smallest things, and when they fight things get really ugly, really fast. Which raises another interesting questions. Where's the capital come from? Even Luthor does not have the kind of cash these guys need given the level of destruction that wreck on their lair, let along the general public.

But then, that is what makes comics fun - they are absurd to the max - heroic, idealistic, and absurd.

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