Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Hearing Silence

Milt Stanley link to Dan Edelen:
Our lack of conversation in the Church about them on any sort of national level bothers me to the extreme. What we don’t talk about says as much, or more , as what we do.


I believe we Christians are too isolated within our ghettos, yet at the same time I wonder about the viability of the ghettos we’re in. And while the other guys’ ghetto may look good, perhaps it’s more sick than ours.
The problem Dan wraps this discussion around is the economy. The fact that there is not a "national discussion" is not the scandal Dan thinks it is - this stuff should be handled quietly and on a local level.

But I will put it to you plainly - Who in your small circle has been affected and what have you done about it? A lot of people are too embarrassed to accept "help," but have you had them over for supper - or gone out and picked up the check? Have you dropped by with leftovers? Have you planted a vegetable garden, which always produces more than one family can possible consume, and shared the bounty?

There are a lot of ways to help without rubbing people's faces in their misfortune. Are you doing it?

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