Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Strong Enough To Bore Yourself

MMI on communication:
There's no better way to propogate your vision for your church than to repeat it. Often. Until you're blue in the face.

Don't be obnoxious, but do work your main points into your messages, your meetings, and your one-on-one conversations.

Repetition is key.

Repetition is key.
This is a communication discipline that I sadly lack. As the communicator - it's boring, really, really boring. My intellect wants to move on.

But I think that fact points out the deeper issue. Communication of this type is not about what I wan tto say, but about what the listener needs to hear. It is a form of service.

I wonder how many preachers understand that? SO often I listen to sermons and hear the intellectual wanderings of they that fill the pulpit. They preach to themselves.

But that is not the point, is it? The point is what the congregation needs to hear. Even if that means saying the same thing, albeit a bit differently, week after week, after week.

One more point, more confession really. People who need hear things over and over and not stupid - inattentive perhaps, overwhelmed in other areas, but not stupid.

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