Thursday, February 17, 2011


...To Grasp The Eternal

John Mark Reynolds ponders lessons of Dante's Inferno:
It goes even deeper than letting go of things sinful in themselves. I must also let go of things good in themselves, lest I corrupt them by improper use. There was a time for me to be a honeymoon husband, but that time is past. I must let go of the first year of marriage, if I am to enjoy the twenty-fifth. The old goods can be a check to the enjoyment of the new goods.

Many of us may find ourselves in Hell for refusing to let go of the goods of this life. We demand Christmas in summer and long for summer fun in the winter.

God help me let go of all that stands between me and real Beauty, Truth, and the Good. God help me to desire happiness enough to let go of mere pleasure.
He titles his post "On Letting Go" which is why I chose to title this post as if completing that sentence

John is absolutely right - we must let go of everything to truly become God's person, but what we let go of is of no value compared to what we gain - NO VALUE. I do not think that fact can be emphasized enough. We routinely let go of money to get something we want more - routinely. The problem here is we just do not know how much more we want what God has to offer us.

The reason for that is simple - we do not have the proper conception of what it is Christ offers us. And that,d ear friends, is the fault of those of us that call on His name. We do not reflect His glory becasue we have yet to...

Let Go To Grasp The Eternal.

Maybe would should get busy at that?

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