Friday, February 25, 2011


What Were You Given?

Jollyblogger quotes Wendell Berry:
We live the given life, not the planned.
But even if we accept that, there is another step and that is what part of the life we are given do we look at? I know far too many people that focus on the bad when there is so much good around them.

As a consultant, I lose clients from time to time - sometimes big clients. But God has always blessed me - always there has been enough. Yet, when I lose a client I tend to focus on the loss instead of all the clients I still have. I tend to worry about the income lost instead of maximize the income available. I focus on the wrong stuff.

God always gives us enough if we just bother to take the proper inventory. Sometimes He removes to make room for something better. But when He does He provides enough in the interim.

But where things get really interesting is when I quit worrying about what I have been given or had taken away and look at the source of all of it. For there there are no worries at all.

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