Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What's A Church?

Church Marketing Sucks:
After overcoming a lifelong drug addiction, I came to God and started a church with my wife. It’s called the River City Recovery Ministries in Cambridge, Minn., and includes a church called The Fish House and homes for recovering addicts. I currently serve as the senior pastor and executive director. We do a lot of ministry to addicts and their families and saw 400% growth during the first year.
That's ministry, but that is NOT church. That's even good ministry, but it is not church.

A community of believers must have diversity - narrow focus like that is decidedly not diverse. This is a gateway to church, but not church. This confuses solving a problem in one's life, a big huge problem, but just one, with a life of commitment to Christ.

In the course of becoming the person God wants us to be, our problems, big and small are fixed - but it is only one aspect of the transformation that Christ intends in our lives. Focusing on that one aspect robs us of the full richness that a life with Christ offers.

I know too may people for whom being a Christian measn simply -"I got off drugs" or "I found happiness." That is selling Christianity so short - and it is so wrong in its focus. Christianity does so much more than just solve those issues - it remakes us into the people that were were created to be - wholly and completely.

All we really have to do is quit focusing on our needs and start focusing on His gifts.

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