Wednesday, March 23, 2011


...And Confusion Reigns

So, this pastor uged his ruling board to get off Facebook. There was some good reasons for it. And yet, another pastor was putting "social media" to good use. What are we to think?

Well, let's see - in the hands of a Godly man, the law was a good thing, but ungodly men managed to make it something perverse - something Christ opposed, at least what people thought was the law. You get my point? Facebook is not the problem - people are.

If a church has 20 relationships hurt by Facebook interaction among its leadership, then it is not examining its leadership very well, nor is it doing a very good job of spiritual formation within that leadership. A hammer is a great tool for building a house, but it can also be a murder weapon - depends on who is holding the hammer.

To "order" a church's leadership off Facebook is lazy pastoring. The pastor needs to be ministering to his leadership team - it's as simple as that. And yes, some individuals with serious issues may need to get off Facebook, but its their problem, not Facebook's. This is just another example of building the church, but not building disciples.

The power of Christ lies in the fact that He and only He is capable of completely rebuilding US. It is time we started claiming that.

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