Saturday, March 05, 2011


Comic Art

In the category of "Lamest Villain Group with the Best Look, Even if definitively dated in the '80's" -- Envelope Please! - We give you the U-Foes.

Lame for starters becasue they got their powers by trying to copy the FF. That's lame becasue how come it has not been tried a million times before? I mean Stan Lee struck gold with the whole mutant thing - he could mint powers with rapidity and without creativity, you would think this would be the same thing. There was nothing "freakish" about the accident that made the FF.

Lame because the U-Foes "motivation" for turning evil was just lame. It was a misunderstanding, and a reason for a great battle with the Hulk - but permanent descension into baddie land?

But look around you here. You have to admit the U-Foes look good. Frankly I think for the time they were invented (the late '80's) they are superb - the perfect combination of the best of Kirby and the best of Ditko - they are an homage to the progenitors without being slavish copies.

The first time I laid eyes on them, I wanted a much better story than I got - the look demanded a title all their own as far as I was concerned. I'd still like to see them rebooted and that title created. Maybe an alternate universe title? They'd be an interesting mix with the Squadron Supreme.

Oh and one other thing - they need to tackle the FF - I mean come on - as far as I know the most obvious match-up in superhero history has not happened. If they are going to stay onthe tack they are on now - Doom need, make that HAS, to hire them to front for him against Richards et. al. In fact it creates the perfect opportunity to showcase Reed.

And then when they get their shiny little booties kicked and Doom is grossly disappointed, he can send them off to that alternate universe where things can get really interesting.

Just sayin'.

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