Saturday, March 19, 2011


Comic Art


You know, every group of bad guys has got to have a theme - they cannot be some mere band of super-powered evil - no, they have marketing and trademark concerns! And if you want a bad image theme, what could be worse that snakes? Hence, the Serpent Society was born.

Actually, it would be nice if this group were born of such mundane concerns, but the concerns are far more mundane than that. The Serpent Society was born of a lack of humility on the part of many comic creators.

As comics were written over the years, writers have to break to chain of always fighting the same baddie, so after a good story arc, there are one or two issues of random badness. Often the villains are created just to fill the slot and keep the hero busy while the next great plot is hatched. One day, Marvel looked back and found they had created waaaaay too many snake based random villains - they had to do something with them. The Serpent Society was born.

Ostensibly they were pulled together by the organization called Hydra, the ultimate snake people, but come on - it's just a place to park a bunch of villains that would otherwise disappear into the dustbin of comic history.

Besides, when I guy has had himself surgically altered so he has a snake body instead of legs, well, how can you let go of that image. And more importantly, how does he go to the bathroom?

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