Friday, March 11, 2011


"Creation Care"

Two links on the environment and faith. The first from Get Religion:
Sometimes when reporters try to make sense of the phenomenon, it creates funny results.
The other from John Mark Reynolds:
God, and not just Al Gore, considers the polar bears, though God may value Gore more than bears. When I read the work of modern scientists studying the complexities and fragility of even one ecosystem, I recognize how hard it would be for me to see God’s actions in any particular detail of environmental history.

I can see God’s goodness overall in Creation, but the devil has room to roam in the details, cracks created by our sin. To paraphrase Saint Augustine, we can see Providence in the existence of polar bears, but strain to see it in any given day of their, or our, lives.

So consider the polar bears.
If there is a consistent strain that runs through these two pieces it is our failure to FULLY understand and comprehend - pretty much anything. I consistently stand amazed at sin's ability to have us turn our uncertainty into certainty - our lack of understanding into hubris - our attempts to control everything when in fact we control very, very little.

No place is this phenomena more evident than when it comes to the environment. The JMR piece is specifically about the fact that environmental systems are so complex that that they defy understanding let alone control.

What is so amazing is that the evidence of our inability to control is all around us. We fail so consistently. So we struggle to overcome our failure rather than understand its inevitability.

Why do we not respond with trust - trust in the only trustworthy one there is - trust in God?

We'd be so much better off.

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