Wednesday, March 02, 2011


"Go First"

Jon Acuff asks "How To Scandal Proof Your Church." He has four suggestions:

This last point needs a bit of clarification:

No one wakes up on a Tuesday and says, “I think I’ll wreck my whole life, throw away my ministry and destroy my marriage.” We all take small steps toward the big, dumb decisions we make. And along the way, we justify the things we’re doing with the craziest excuses and lies.

Like Aaron telling Moses that he just threw gold in a fire and a calf magically popped out, we’ll create wild lies.
But I have highlighted the one that really matters - GO FIRST.

So often the church follows when it should lead. So often we concern ourselves with the message when we should concern ourselves with the actions. So often we point out the peck int he others eye while ignoring the plank in our own.

The church should go first to purity. The church should go first to financial accountability. The church should go first on confession. And that, of course, means that each of us should as individuals go first.

It's not like we are going first towards bad things....

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