Monday, March 28, 2011


It goes deeper...

Blue Fish simplifies things a bit:
The gospel we believe shapes the kind of community we form. You can pretty much read belief off behaviour, whatever people say they believe.


An evening with The Law's would surely be very stressful, you'd be worrying whether you're using the right cutlery and saying the right things, your hosts always worrying about whether you're happy or whether they've left anything in the oven, it'd all be about keeping up the etiquette. You'd be checking your watch often to find a moment to excuse yourself.

Meanwhile spending an evening in the Christ household would surely be refreshing and life-giving. The time would fly by as the stimulating conversation revitalises you just as the food does. The food might well not be so fancy but the absence of a stuffy and heavy atmosphere makes it taste so good.
It just does not strike me as that simple. Why can't we have all the great food and elegance of "the Law's" while still having the grace and good times of the other couple? (I find his terminology grammatically awkward.) You see, that is what I think Christ intends for us.

Discovering grace does not, in any fashion, lower the bar. Christ, by His own claim, came to fulfill the law - not abolish it. As Christians, we are to strive for the excellence of "the Law's" but we must learn to do so in a graceful fashion.

I a very real sense it is not what we do, but how we do it that matters. That is what Christ came to do - change who we are so substantially that when we strive for excellence, we do so in a completely graceful fashion.

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