Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Things Exist For A Reason

Chaplain Mike @ iMonk recently did a whole series on the church calendar:
I don’t know why so many Christian groups think they need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to “discipleship programs.” This time-tested annual pattern for the life of individual believers and the Church together that is focused on Christ, organized around the Gospel, and grounded in God’s grace, is sheer genius. It is simple enough for a child. It offers enough opportunities for creativity and flexibility that it need never grow old. Each year offers a wonderful template for learning to walk with Christ more deeply in the Gospel which brings us faith, hope, and love.


Five Reasons to Practice Church Year Spirituality

  • It enables us to live in God’s Story...

  • It keeps the main thing the main thing...

  • It recognizes that one’s calendar forms one’s life...

  • It links personal spirituality with worship, family, and community...

  • It provides a basis of unity and common experience for Christians everywhere...

Good Stuff, just a couple of comments. We often confuse "reformation" with "tear it down and build it again." God may metaphorically, or spiritually, "crucify us with Christ," but the reality is our re-creation stills retains our essential "us-ness." It is no ex niliho creation, but rather taking what we are and making it right.

Yet, in our economy where it is cheaper to tear down and rebuild that tends to be what we do with the church and its practices. But that is the problem, God does not want what is cheapest - He wants what is best.

When Mike talks about "It recognizes that one’s calendar forms one’s life," he is hitting on the big issue here. Following this stuff requires sacrifice. It requires forming our lives around Christ's.

And so we go cheap.

It's sad really.

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