Thursday, March 24, 2011


What About 'Servant Leadership'?

Ron Edmondson list ten characteristics of good leadership. Buried at #4 is:
Uses their influence for the good of others
and #7:
Serves others expecting nothing in return.
I read those and I wondered why there was a rest of the list.

I recently enjoyed a meal with a good friend that is a retired military commander and now teaches ROTC to high school students. He told me that the hardest thing he has to teach is that leadership is not about the leader - that it is about serving the organization, and the members thereof.

Christ served us even unto death - think about that for a minute.

Things are not about us. In recent times I have had a number of customer service problems with people I deal with. When I confronted them, they were not concerned about my problem or how they represented their company - only about their own hides.

There is something deeply wrong in our nation. There is a reason people "Serve" in positions of authority.

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