Saturday, April 02, 2011


Comic Art

Let's face it - given that on a typical day one supervillain holds off the entire Justice League, a group of them should be able to conquer the world, no problem.There is just one hitch in this get along - villains are egomaniacs by definition, so getting them all stroking in the same direction is a bit of a chore. That is certainly the theory behind The Secret Society of Super-Villains. (With a name like that you would think this group was Stan Lee at Marvel, but it came from the pen of Jack Kirby at DC, leaving you to wonder who was cornier of the great team.)

I find it hard to be funny about this group. They are too "real." We live in such a narcissistic age that it seems like a bunch of individual agendas, barely harnessed towards a single goal, constantly breaking apart because of the individual agendas colliding - the goal never reached - is just the way of things. It's not entertaining, it's painful.

And since I am not being funny I am forced to reflect how come people cannot see this happening day after day. How come we do not associate this behavior with "evil" anymore. The Justice League grows ever closer to looking very much like this group in terms of the personal interaction.

The SSoSV is a testament to narcissism. So is much of our societal discourse today. There is a lesson in there somewhere.

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